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Basin Analysis 

Geology 4131 

Fall 2008

Juan M. Lorenzo
Department of Geology and Geophysics

Lecture times Tuesdays and Thursdays 12.00 -1.30 p.m. Room E131 Howe-Russell Building
Office hours Room 215 (Old Howe-Russell Building) Tuesdays and Thursdays after class. To make appointments: e-mail: gllore@lsu.edu or phone 578-4249


Required lecture textbook:


Basin Analysis, Principles & Applications by Philip A. Allen and John R. Allen 2nd Edition (2005)




 To introduce the study of basin evolution  in terms of (1) quantifiable tectonic processes  (2) and sedimentologic models with some application to economic exploration.

This course is certified as a “Communication-Intensive Course” and meets all of the requirements explained on the CxC Web site: http://cxc.lsu.edu., including the following: Emphases on formal and informal assignments in written and visual communication, class time spent on communication, 40% of the final grade based on communication projects, revisions after faculty feedback on 2 formal projects (one for each emphasis), and a student/faculty ratio of 35:1. Because it meets these requirements, students may count it toward “Distinguished Communicator” certification on LSU transcripts.

   Project description and Example



Tue 26 Introduction to the Course Poll 

Thu 28 Plate Tectonics and Basin Classification  (*.ppt ) Please read Project description and Example
Please Read Chapter 1
Paper to read for homework #1



Tue 2 cancelled-Hurricane Gustav
Thu 4 cancelled-Hurricane Gustav
Tue 9

Thu 11 Lithospheric Mechanics (*.pptx) Classification essay due  
Chapter 2; Example projects

Isostasy homework given out 

Isostasy Answer sheets

Tue 16 Lithospheric Mechanics (*.pptx)
Thu 18 Lithospheric Mechanics (*.pptx) Chapter 2 & Readings
Tue 23 Lithospheric Mechanics (*.pptx)

Thu 25 Potential speaker-Erik Scott from Marathon
Isostasy homework due

Project outline and research references due

Tue 30 Lithospheric Mechanics (*.pptx)

Compare and contrast Watts and Burov vs. Jackson's models. 1 page

Project Meetings week



Thu 2

Lithospheric Mechanics (*.pptx)

Tue 7

 Basins caused by stretching

GSA,GCAGS Houston, 5-9 
Chapter 3

Thu 9  Basins caused by stretching Creme Brulee vs. Jelly sandwich homework due
 Lab interpretation of Passive margin hand out
Tue 14

 Basins caused by stretching

Passive margin hand out - calculate crustal thickness
Thu 16 Basins caused by stretching
Tue 21 Basins caused by stretching Crustal thickness handout due
Thu 23

Colleen Fava from CxC will speak on: Effective Technical Writing

Tue 28

Mid-term Exam 

Thu 30

Basins caused by stretching



Tue 4 Continental basins affected by flexure  

Chapter 4

example of simple flexural modeling programs (.sit file)

First Submission of Course Project Due

Thu 6

Continental basins affected by flexure  

Matlab flexure LAB

Tue 11

Strike-slip Basins


SEG, Las Vegas, 9-14

Thu 13

Strike-slip Basins 

Tue 18 Chapter 7 Last Homework
Paper on modeling denudation
Thu 20

Colleen Fava from CxC will speak on: Effective PowerPoint Presentations  techniques


Chapter 8 

In-class exercise

Reservoir Architecture, Depositional Facies and Geophysical Response of Pay intervals

Tue 25

Basin Subsidence and Thermal AnalysisBackstripping

Chapter 9    Porosity in backstripping; matlab code Project Presentation Meetings 
Thu 27

Thanksgiving Holiday-- no class



Tue 2 Project Presentations Last Homework due 
Thu 4 Project Presentations Written project presentation due no later than 3.30 p.m.

Leave in mailbox (E235 Howe-Russell) or e-mail.

AGU, San Francisco, 15-19

Recommended Pre-requisites: understanding of basic structural geology, basic stratigraphy, algebra, trigonometry, basic PC/Mac manipulation, Web navigation using freeware browser.

Course Grades: Final letter grades are calculated using the results of two-to-four (2-4) lab exercises (40%), a midterm exam (20%),and a course project (20% written and 20% oral).  A (90-100%) , B (80-89.5%), C (60-79.5%) D (50-59.5%), F (less than 49.5%) Graduate students taking this course will be held to a higher standard, commensurate with their academic seniority.