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Near Surface Geophysics
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Springer-Verlag monograph on " Levees and Dams: Advances in Geophysical Monitoring and Characterization

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Seismology at multiple scales helps me (1) seek natural but anomalous soil properties beneath flood protection levees  (2) investigate hydraulic fracture propagation rates, and (3) evaluate soil properties on planetary bodies.

My undergraduate and graduate students tackle these issues through either analysis of field or laboratory studies in a seismic sand tank


        Federal and State Reports


Evaluation of a Piezo-ceramic Sensor (2020)

NASA MSFC Fellowship Report (2020)

LaSPACE Award Summary Report 2018-2019

  (Mississippi Valley)

Alluvial Integrated geophysical mapping of a Mississippi Flood Plain Aquifer (0-30 m) (2021)

Alluvial Aquifer Seismic Tests (2012)

Holocene Meander Belt (2007) 

Seismology and Archaeology (2004)

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Gulf Coast Educational Seismic Network


Physical Geology (Geol 1001)          

Exploration and Environmental Geophysics  (Geol 4062)

Reflection Seismology (Geol 4068)

Seismology Seminar (Geol 7972)
Theoretical Seismology (Geol 7900)
Petroleum Seismology (Geol 7900)

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