Our research group here in the Department of Geology and Geophysics at Louisiana State University focuses on how the development of the topography and evolution of climate impact landscape and result in the generation of sediment which may then be preserved in sedimentary basins. Understanding how these sedimentary records may be interpreted from the geological record and used to reconstruct evolving climate and continental environments is one of our primary objectives. Many of our studies focus on the development of climate and tectonics in Asia, with emphasis on the monsoon and its links to the Himalaya and Tibet, but we also examine depositional systems in North America especially the Mississippi.

Our approach is essentially multidisciplinary and involves scientists from a wide variety of backgrounds and levels of professional preparation spanning senior members of the faculty, as well as graduate students working in many of the countries of South, Southeast and East Asia, as well as closer to home in Louisiana. We believe in addressing these scientific questions in a holistic fashion integrating different data sets in the attempt to find linkages between them.

Our research is supported by  National Science Foundation, ExxonMobil, and the Charles T. McCord Chair in Petroleum Geology


Solid Earth and Surface Processes