Louisiana State University

Structural Geology

(Geol 2071)

Spring Break 1999 Field Trip

to Cheaha State Park, Alabama

by Beth Yuvancic

Most of the group: (from left to right)

Blake Vincik, Beth Yuvancic, Maureen Kennedy, Russell Spears (T.A.), Seth Henderson, Kera Gautreau, Curtis Gardner, Hallie Latham, Jamie Curry (T.A.), Vince Cutrera, Rebecca Tedford, Larry Greene, and Juan Chow. Not pictured are Jeremy Cook, Buddy Cuevas, Lance Labiche, and Daniel Sevier.


For the second half of Spring Break 1999, the Structural Geology class taught by Juan Lorenzo took a field trip to Cheaha State Park in Alabama to study the geolgy of the area.

Where is Cheaha State Park?

On the field trip, the class visited five different field sites. To view pictures and information about any one of these areas, the group's camp, or to get background information about the area, please click on the choices below.


Background Information

Day 1, Stop 1: Semiprimitive Campsite in Cheaha State Park

Day 2, Stop 1: Elkahatchee Creek

Day 1, Stop 2: Lower Odum Scout Trail

Day 2, Stop 2: Mitchell Dam Amphibolite


Day 2, Stop 3: Lay Dam


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