Day 1, Stop 2

Lower Odum Scout Trail

The area around the Lower Odum Scout Trail consists of a folded quartzite formation, with bedding and cross-bedding apparent in some areas. The area mapped consists of a large antiformal anticline.

Larry (right) and a USF student explore the outcrop at the first stop on the trail. Tension gashes and joints are present in the photograph. The tension gashes oriented almost at right angles to the bedding plane indicate that this area is near the region of maximum bending along the fold. The joints run perpendicular to bedding planes, oriented N15W/94NE. Younging direction indicated by cross-bedding demonstrates the beds are not overturned.

Strikes and dips were taken by students at many points along the trail. The regional fold axis can then be determined by plotting the strikes and dips on a pi-diagram.

Curt shows the camera chattermarks on a rock face near the Odum Scout Trail.


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