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    Physical Geology 

Geology 1001  All sections

Spring 2009

Dr. Juan M. Lorenzo
Department of Geology and Geophysics

Lecture times Monday, Wednesday and Friday
840 a.m. -9.30 a.m.  Room B2 Lockett Hall (Section 1)
10.40 am - 11.30 a.m. Room 130
Old Howe-Russell Building (Section 2)
Office hours

Room 215 (Old Howe-Russell Building) 

Mondays and Wednesdays 1.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m.

For appointments and all correspondence


e-mail: gllore@lsu.edu

Subject:  GEOL1001

T.A.: Section 1 Office hours John D'Aquin
Office :  Room  E340 Howe-Russell Building
Hours:    Wedn., Fri. 9.30-10.30 a.m., Thu 3-4 p.m.
For appointments: jdaqui1@lsu.edu
Subject: GEOL1001.1
T.A.- Section 2 Office hours Mat Huber
Office :  Room  112 Howe-Russell Building
Hours:    Tue 2-3 p.m., Thu 1 - 2 p.m.
For appointments: mhuber5@lsu.edu
Subject: GEOL1001.2


Required lecture textbook:

Understanding Earth by
Grotzinger, Jordan,  Press, Siever, 5th edition, Freeman Publisher

Notes: The following schedule of classes is subject to changes. 
Dates and times for exams, review sessions and quizzes
are not generally subject to change.

Online course material (free registration) is available from







Mon 12 Introduction to the Course

* Geology minor available

Wed 14 Example Quiz 1 using Moodle

Ch. 1 Modern Theory and Practice of Geology

Fri 16
Mon 19 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday NO CLASS

Wed 21  Quiz 2 (Chs. 1-2)  Ch. 2 Plate Tectonics
Fri 23


Mon 26 Quiz 3 (Chs. 2-3)  
Wed 28    
Fri 30


Mon  2 Quiz 4 (Chs. 3-4)

Ch. 3 Minerals and Rocks

Wed 4
Fri 6  
Mon 9 Quiz 5 (Ch 4)  

Ch. 4 Igneous Rocks

Not all "granite" counter-tops are made of granite

Wed 11     
Fri 13

Mon 16 Quiz 6 (Ch 5)
Wed 18

Review for Mid-term I exam

Old Exam Questions
NB. All students will receive equal points for Quizzes 1-4.


'09 Quizzes 2,3,4, 5


'07 Quiz 2, '07 Quiz 3

'07 Quiz 4 '07 Quiz 5

'07 Quiz  6

Fri 20

 Mid-term exam I

 Chs. for exam: 1-4 at Mid-term review
Mon 23  Mardi Gras Holiday NO CLASS
Wed 25
Mardi Gras Holiday
Fri 27

Ch. 5  Sedimentary Rocks

*Mardi Gras Holiday: February 23-February 25  (M-W). Classes resume February 26 at 7.30 a.m.



Mon 2 Quiz 7
Wed 4

Fri 6    Ch. 6  Metamorphic Rocks
Mon 9  Quiz 8   
Wed 11
Fri 13  

Ch. 7 Deformation

Mon 16   Quiz 9  Ch. 8 Geologic Time
Wed 18
 Ch. 9 Early Solar System History
Fri 20  

Mon 23 Quiz 10

Ch 13 Earthquakes

Wed 25

Fri 27

Evidence for water on mars    Just the picture

Mon 30

 Quiz 11



Wed 1  Review for Mid-term exam II  
Fri 3  Mid-term exam II Chs. 5,6,7,8,9,13 (part); (+ previous)
Note: For section 1 the exam will be held in:

 Room 214 of Williams Hall
Posted: March 26, 2009
Mon 6 *Spring Break

Wed 8 *Spring Break

Fri 10  *Spring Break


Mon 13
Ch. 12 Volcanoes
Wed 15  
Fri 17  
Mon 20 Quiz 12  Ch. 14 Inside the Earth .ppt

Wed 22  
Fri 24 No Class No Class
Mon 27 Quiz 13 No Class
Wed 29 Ch. 14 Inside the Earth .ppt

*Spring break: April 6-12  (M-Sun). Classes resume April 13 (M), 7.30 a.m.


Fri 1 Review for final exam

2009 Final Exam

Old Quiz11 Q&A

Old Quiz 12 Q&A

Old Quiz 13 Q&A

Old Quiz 14 Q&A

Old Midterm 1 Q&A

Old Midterm 2 Q&A

2009 Midterm Q  1   2 

Chs. 1-9, 12-14

Tue 5

Final Exam 10.00 a.m.- noon
Room B2 Lockett Hall
Wed 6
Final Exam 12.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m. Room 130 Old Howe-Russell Building.

Course Grades: Final letter grades are calculated nominally using the results of two (2) midterm exams plus one final exam.  A (90-100%) , B (80-89.5%), C (60-79.5%) D (50-59.5%), F (less than 49.5%). 

Quizzes: Every Sunday, via "Moodle", online quizzes will be available for 10% extra credit to the final, grade, before "curving".  These quizzes are not required and are intended to be used as a study guide and to encourage you to read ahead of the material that will be covered in class the proceeding week.  Questions in the quizzes can be from the proceeding chapter, i.e. from a chapter that has not yet been covered in class. Ten percent or more of these same questions will be used for midterm and final exams.  You are encouraged to submit two multiple-choice questions and answers to the TA's each week dealing with material covered in class to the TA.  The TA will select from among these suitable cases to be included in midterm and final exams. These quizzes will be available for completion 24 hours prior to the start of class. An online password will be needed for using "Moodle."  This password will be given out each Friday before the Old Quiz in class.  Normally, I will not  supply this password via e-mail.   If you foresee a university-sanctioned absence I can provide you with a password in advance.  

There are 42 MWF classes, 14 Quizzes

Exams: There will be two mid-term exams and one final exam.  The better of the two mid-term exam grades contributes to 40% of final grade.  The final exam is worth 60% of final grade.  As such, generally no makeup exams are needed.  Exams and questions are usually posted online on this syllabus page as soon as possible after exams.   If you choose or happen to miss both mid-term exams, only the final exam will determine the final grade, i.e. the final exam will contribute toward 100% of the final grade.  As such no none should be penalized for missing one or both mid-term exams.  Midterm exams and final exams only cover the material in those chapters that have been presented in class.  The final exam can contain questions from  any of the chapters covered in class.

  Please bring you own "scantron" sheets (LARGE!), pencils and erasers to each exam.  Final exam questions cover ALL course materials with emphasis on the final unexamined sections.  All grades are "curved."  An example nominal average grade per exam  may be about 60% (C).  Exams comprise multiple choice, or True/False questions.  University policy requires cheating be reported.