Question The principle of Uniformitarianism of James Hutton states: “The present is the key for the past”. This means that:
  A. Geologic processes occurring today (e.g. mountain building, volcanic eruptions) are the same as geologic processes that occurred in the past.
  B. The laws of nature are the same now as in the past
  C. One can explain past earth processes if there are modern examples
D. A and B and C
Question Why do we use the scientific method and no other?
  A. Because science advances faster using this method
B. Because it is a deductive reasoning approach in which observations are explained by hypotheses and the validity of these hypotheses are verified by many experts
  C. Because we can verify the answer to problems that we already know
  D. None of above
Question We divide the Earth into crust, mantle and core based on:
  A. Mechanical properties.
B. Chemical Composition.
  C. Temperature gradient.
  D. None of above
Question Chapter 1
What is the composition of the inner core of the Earth?
a) solid iron
  c) silicate rocks
  d) magma
  d) liquid iron
Question The densest part of the Earth is the ...
  a) mantle
  b) outer core
c) inner core
  d) crust
Question What is the most common element in the crust?
  a) Iron
  b) Aluminum
  c) Silicon
d) Oxygen
Question Over which tectonic plate is Baton Rouge, LA located?
  A. Over the Nazca plate
  B. Over the Pacific plate
C. Over the North American plate
  D. Over the Arctic plate
Question The lithosphere is weaker than the asthenosphere
Selected False
Question Seafloor spreading explains continental drift.
Selected True
Question Plate tectonic boundaries where plates slide past each other are called...
  a) convergent plate boundaries
  b) divergent plate boundaries
c) transform-fault plate boundaries
  d) magnetic tape boundaries