Selected Ongoing Research Projects
Processes and products of fluid mud transport on continental shelves LSU PhD student Kathryn Denommee.  Field location: Southwest Louisiana Continental Shelf, SW of Freshwater City, LA

Fluvial and hurricane controls on Holocene development of the Mississippi Delta LSU Oceanography Asst Prof. Kevin Xu, LSU PhD student Crawford White, LSU undergraduates James Smith, Ray Inaray, Chris Magliolo, and Hussain Alqattan. Funding from the Water Institute of the Gulf.

Mass Transport Processes on the Mississippi River Delta Front. With Dr. Kevin Xu (LSU), Dr. Dr. Jillian Maloney (LSU/SDSU), Dr. Ioannis Georgiou (UNO), LSU MS student Greg Keller (Geo), LSU PhD student Jeff Obelcz (DOCS). Funding from BOEM.

Oceanic, eustatic, and fluvial controls on continental margin sedimentation, NSF-MARGINS S2S Focus Area, Papua New Guinea LSU MS graduate Ashley Howell, LSU Oceanography Asst Prof. Kevin Xu, LSU PhD student Marie Thomas, Dr. Z. Muhammad, Dr. L. Febo, Memorial PhD student Erlangga Septama. Location: Gulf of Papua Continental Shelf and Slope, NW of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Sedimentary records of Late Holocene climate patterns in Northeast Canada LSU PhD student Jill Banks, Dr. Peter Huelse, Memorial MS graduate Elisabeth Kahlmeyer. Field locations: Great Whale (Whapmagoostui) River, Hudson Bay;  Nachvak and Saglek Fjords, Torngat Mountains, Nunatsiavut (northern Labrador); Okak Bay, Nunatsiavut (northern Labrador). (Google Earth Link)

Late Holocene Records of Hurricane Strikes in Belize (link to project web page) LSU PhD student Kathryn Denommee, LSU MS student Laura Sorey, Dr Andre Droxler (Rice) Field location: Blue Hole of Lighthouse Reef, Belize

Geological controls on sediment bioturbation on continental margins Memorial PhD student Lina Stolze (link to project web site) Field Locations: Baffin Bay, Hudson Straight, Labrador Sea, Scotian Margin