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Reflection Seismology 

Geology 4068 

Fall 2003

Dr. Juan M. Lorenzo
Department of Geology and Geophysics


Lecture times Monday and Wednesday 9.40 -10.30 & Thursday 2.10-5.00 pm Room E207 Howe-Russell Building
Office hours Room 215 (Old Howe-Russell Building) Tuesdays and Thursdays after class. For appointments: e-mail: juan@geol.lsu.edu




Required lecture textbook:

Robert E. Sheriff, 1991/2002 Encyclopedic Dictionary of Exploration/Applied Geophysics,  Third/Fourth Edition

  Robert E. Sheriff, L. P. Geldart, 1995 Exploration Seismology , 2nd Ed.,


Introduce seismic data acquisition, processing and related limitations of seismic interpretation

Field work Two days of field work during weekends are a required part of this course


Lectures and Labs

Mon 25 Introduction to the Course requirements and computer lab    Quiz
Wed 27 Vertical and Horizontal Resolution  
Thu 28 Introduction to Unix and Linux



Lectures and Labs

Wed 3 Seismic Equipment Video and Quiz
Thu 4 Introduction to SUnix and Tape Formats. Data conversion exercise Equipment and Computer Lab Tour
Mon 8 Fresnel Zone  
Wed 10

CMP/CDP Method

Thu 11

Spectral Analysis and Band-Pass filtering with SUnix

Mon 15 US Educational Seismic Network Meeting- Baltimore --NO CLASS  
Wed 17 Normal Moveout Constant velocity stacks First Lecture Homework due
Thu 18  Introduction to OmegaSPS   
Mon 22

Normal Moveout Stretch

Wed 24 Homework on CMP handed out.  
Thu 25 Data Geometry Second Lecture Homework due
Mon 29  Semblance analysis plot    


Lectures and Labs

*Fall Holidays: March.2 (Thursday)- March 3 (Friday)

Wed 1 Fourier Theory  
Thu 2 Fall Holiday LSU

Livingston Field work- survey

Fri 3 Livingston Field work- survey  
Mon 6 Fourier Theory        
Wed 8 Bandpass Filtering

Seismic Velocities

Thu 9 Seismic Velocities Geometric spreading and Automatic Gain Control   Homework on spikes     
Sat 11 Field Work--Livingston  
Sun 12 Field Work--Livingston  
Mon 13

Waves and Rays


Wed 15 Waves and Rays  
Thu 16 Field Experiment- Trace Reverse & spectrum analysis Course Project Handout
Mon 20  Attenuation and AGC
Homework due on spikes
Wed 22 Nyquist frequency and Aliasing Snell's Law  
Thu 23 GCAGS Meeting- Baton Rouge  
Mon 27 Reflection coefficients  
Wed 29 Critical angles  
Thu 30 Field Experiment- Band Pass Filter & AGC  


Lectures and Labs

Mon 3 Wave conversions-AVO  
Wed 5 GSA Meeting-Seattle  
Thu 6 GSA Meeting-Seattle  
Mon 10 Convolutional Model of the Earth  
Tues 11 Visit to C&C Associates, Lafayette  
Wed 12 Convolutional Model of the Earth Lecture by Schlumberger
Thu 13 Synthetic seismograms Homework on Syn. Seis.
Mon 17 Reflection Coefficients &  
Wed 19 AVO  
Thu 20 Migration  
Mon 24 spatial aliasing Syn. Seis. Homework due
Wed 26 f-k filtering Takehome exam handout
Thu 27 Thanksgiving Holiday at LSU  


Lectures and Labs

Mon 1 f-k filtering  
Wed 3 Project  
Thu 4 Project  
Fri 12 Final takehome Exam Due  
Frid 12 Course Project Due  

Recommended Pre-requisites understanding of basic structural geology, basic stratigraphy, algebra, trigonometry, basic PC/Mac manipulation, Web navigation using freeware browser.

Course Grades: Final letter grades are calculated using the results of four (4) lab exercises (40%), a final open-book exam (30%) and a seismic acquisition and processing project (30%).  A (90-100%) , B (80-89.5%), C (60-79.5%) D (50-59.5%), F (less than 49.5%) Graduate students taking this course will be held to a higher standard, commensurate with their academic seniority.

Course Project: Seismic processing and interpretation of field data acquired by this class in the field