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Explosive and Impact sources

Betsy seisgun (1) with plastic splatter guard, shell holder(2), hammer(3) and shells of various sizes

Shooting with the Betsy downhole seismic source The spool of cable connects to the seismograph and sends the 0-second start time to the recording

Power Hammer 0.22 caliber seismic plate impact source

Vibroseis Trucks (not at LSU)

USGS Mini-Sosie Impact hammer Study in California (USGS)

Accelerated Weight Drop (Digipulse)


Hammer blow to Aluminum plate






Marine Sources

Bolt 600-series air guns with 20 cubic-inch chambers (Coastal Studies Institute)

High-resolution SCS seismic source

Directivity of RV M. Ewing Airgun Array (Columbia University)

Watergun from R/V Joides Resolution

ODP Leg 188- Prydz Bay Antarctica (ODP program)

GI gun

Collapsing bubble is injected with additional gas to prevent ringing (US NSF R/V Ice Breaker NBPalmer)

Bolt airgun (NSF R/V Palmer, 2003)

GI gun deployment

Ross Sea, Antarctica, Feb. 2003



How Geophones work by T. Boyd

P-wave phone

Vertical 10-Hz geophone

High-frequency vertical P-geophone

Long 7-inch spike is for marsh work

Geophone cross-section

Land Cables

Seismic analog cable

Takeout and Amphib 122 connector

Roll-along Switch

RLS-120 Texas Instruments

Land streamer- sleds coupled to ground carry geophones

Marine Cables

SCS layout

MCS streamer layout NBP0301A

ITI singel-channel streamer

Hydrophones- Ross Sea Feb. 2003

Digital and Analog Recorders

Marine or Land Seismograph

24-channel 24-bit A-D seismic recorder

Marine and Land Seismograph

OYO DAS-1- (not at LSU)

Flat-bed burnt paper recorder

Analog academic 1-2 channel recorder

3-D Land radiotelemetry acquisition system

OpseisSercel Eagle88 electronics

WesternGECO donation 2003

Strataview R24 in Field



Shothole drilling

Drilling shotholes

3-foot deep shotholes for Betsy shallow seismic gun

Drill for shallow shot holes

Portable 300-lb 8-hp drilling auger

Marine Transport

Antarctic Ice Breaker Nathaniel B Palmer

US NSF marine geology and geophysics vessel

Commercial WesternGECO Seismic Boat "Trident"

Transition and Land Transport


GPS survey in coastal marsh zone

(not at LSU)

ATV 6x6 amphibious Buffalo truck can carry 1000 lb



Digital Theodolite

Surveying Precise Elevation

GPS unit 3-4 m horizontal accuracy