Geology 1001 (Section 4) - Physical Geology

Spring 1998

T- Th 12:10 - 1:30


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Instructor: Professor Barb Dutrow, Room 203, Howe-Russell Building

                    Office hours: 1:30 - 2:30 T- Th  or by appointment

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TA:             Buddy Ferry, Room 417C, Howe-Russell Building

                    T Th  9:30 - 10:30



Text:         Essentials of Geology, (1997), Chernicoff & Fox

                Reading assignments should be completed prior to class


Evaluation: There will be 3 hour exams and a  comprehensive final exam. Exam questions  will be based on material from lectures as well as from the book. Questions may be multiple choice, matching and/or  true/false. Make-up exams are discouraged but those that are necessary will be essay exams. The final exam will be comprehensive. There will also be several unannounced assignments that will be distributed in class.


Grades: The exams will be weighted as follows: Exams 1-3 constitute 60% of the score for the course. The Final Exam will constitute 40% of the score. Up to 5% bonus points can be earned by completing the unannounced assignments that will be given out in class. Letter grades will be assigned from the final numerical score based on the performance relative to the rest of the class (i.e. I curve!).



Tentative Lecture and Exam Schedule

Date Topic Reading



20 Introduction  - Planet Earth 2-21

Check out weekly Earth happenings on Earthweek and Geology in the News. Learn more about careers in geology and geology at LSU.

Learn more about planetary exploration, Mercury,   Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

22 Minerals I 22-33

Learn more about the periodic table, minerals and gems

27 Minerals II 34-44
29 Rocks: Igneous Process & Rocks 45-58

Learn more about basalts, granites, petrology of igneous rocks



3 Igneous rocks  59-81
5 Igneous rocks II & Volcanism 81-90

Check out the world of active volcanoes, see Mt. Etna erupting - live!, Take a virtual geologic trip to Kaua'i,

10 Weathering, 91-106

12 EXAM 1  
17 Sedimentation & Sed. Rocks 107-120, Learn more about bedforms of sediments
19 Sedimentary Rocks II 121-135, Learn more about the petrology of sedimentary rocks, take a trip to Jurassic Reef Park
24 MARDI GRAS HOLIDAY Laissez les bon temps roullez
26 Metamorphic rocks 135-142, Learn more about the petrology of metamorphic rocks, see beautiful photomicrographs of metamorphic rocks



3 Geologic Time 143-158, See a record of geologic time in the Grand Canyon, view the family tree of life, See the strange and wonderful fossils of the Burgess shale, see ancient ants in amber
Shaping the Earth's Crust
5 Folds, Faults, Mountains 161-170, See where deformation is really important - the California fault map
10 Mountains 171-180
12 Earthquakes 161-170, 181-195
17 Earthquakes, Earth's Interior 196-205
19 Plate Tectonics 206-221
21-29 SPRING BREAK What are those landforms on your next trip?
31 Plate Tectonics II 221-230



  Sculpting the Earth's Surface  
7,9 Mass Movement 231-250; Get some of the recent information on landslides
14 Streams and Floods 251-272; Get the latest flood information
14,16 Groundwater, Caves, Karsts 273-296; Get the most recent information on water resources, what is the climate doing now? See an example of an endangered aquifer system - the Edwards Aquifer of SW Texas
16 Glaciers 297-312; How have glaciers changed recently?, What about glaciers near Whistler, BC?
21 Ice Ages 313-320
23 Deserts and Wind Action 312-342; View some of the impacts of the Dust Bowl years in Kansas
28 Shore, Coastal Processes 343-366



5 Shore, Coastal Processes 343-366
7 Earth's resources 367-389

updated 02/03/98

water resources, what is the climate doing now?