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Charles T. McCord Professor of Petroleum Geology

Dr. Henry V. Howe Distinguished Professor

Department of Geology and Geophysics,

E235 Howe-Russell-Kniffen Geoscience Complex

Louisiana State University,

Baton Rouge, LA 70803,


Tel: +1 225-578-2153

Fax: +1 225-578-2302

Email: pclift@lsu.edu

Center for Earth System Science

Yunnan University


People’s Republic of China

Research Affiliate

Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Visiting Scientist

Department of Geology and Geophysics

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Woods Hole, MA 02543



Principal Research Interests

Marine Geology, Tectonics and Petroleum Systems of South and Eastern Asia

Climatic and anthropogenic impacts on environment in monsoonal Asia - Geoarchaeology

Solid Earth-Climate Interactions in Asia

Geology of the Asian Monsoon

Sedimentation and tectonics in active margins

Origin and maintenance of the continental crust

Last edited on August 17, 2018

Industrial Consultant

Basin analysis, subsidence analysis, Cenozoic basins of Asia, Geology of Alaska. Email me for availability and rates.