How to build a 3D Mobile Seismic Lab or "seismic doghouse"

Made from recycled products!


seis·mic (sīz'mĭkadj.  dog·house (dôg'hous'n. A mobile shelter for equipment that records earth vibrations.

During field experiments, this trailer is shielded from RF emissions, is air-conditioned and carries its own electrical power supply.

Graduate Students: Adeniyi Saanumi (left) and Clay Westbrook

Don Patterson

 Photos pending: Rick Young

Maura Patterson

BEFORE: Recycled two-axle trailer. 

AFTER: LSU Mobile Seismic Lab or "SEISMEAUX-BILE":

1. Wire-brushed, rust stabilized with phosphoric acid. Painted with brown rust-primer, and...

2. white anti-rust topcoat.

 3. Recycled wood and metal skeleton welded and to low-riding 8 foot x 5 foot shell. Final head space is 7 feet.

4. Two-1/4" plywood sheets plus two 1" thermal insulating styrofoam sheets for maximum thermal efficiency.


5. Galvanized iron skin (below, sides and top) for  dampening of low-frequency,  external EM noise.

6. Two external power-supply receptacles near back doors.


7. Rebuilt electric brakes (single axle).

8. Recycled welded metal shelving, 14 receptacles on separate 60W-circuits for sensitive electronic components, and air-conditioning plus fluorescent lights.   Open battle-ship design for quick access to circuits.  Single coat of paint for even appearance.