by Hallie Latham, Dan Sevier, Beth Yuvancic, and Curtis Gardner

Type Fully transiting
Weight < 8 Kilograms
Measuring Time 0.5 Seconds
LCD Dot Matrix Four Lines: Twenty Characters
Compensations Tilting on X and Y axes
Objective Aperture 45 Millimeters
Magnification 26X
Image Erect
Resolving Power 3.5"
Field of View 1 Degree 30 Minutes
Minimum Focus 1.3 Meters

Self Correcting Features:
Deviation Compensatiton
Earth Curvature Option
Prism Constant Correction (size-dependent)
Atmospheric Correction Data Consideration
Automatic Power Cutoff


Operating Temperature -20 to 50 C
Power Source Ni/Cd Battery
Duration 7 Hours
Charging Time 15 Hours
Unambiguous Measuring Range 1999.999 Meters

Height 236 Millimeters
Memory Capacity 100 Points

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Reducing data at base station

Dan and Curtis in foreground (l. top r.)

Beth and Hallie in background (l. to r.)