Geol-2071/Structural Geology

Alabama Field Trip/ Spring 1998

by Jaime Curry, T.A.

The Class

This is the Geology 2071 class from left to right, front to back.

Tiffani Cravens, Kelly LaGrange, Romie Coronado, Steve Rogan, Dr. Lorenzo, Sarah Carr, Matt Freeman, Jenny Maclean

Kim Noble, Dan McGinn (TA), David Viator, Jared Bosch, Dennison Williams, Christian Llull, Jaime Curry (TA)

Mike Lorentz, Karl Schuler, Clay Trachtman, Bobby Bradley, Chris Madere, ? , Jeff Langlois

Lay Dam


Students pile out of the van eager to learn 

Dr. Lorenzo fulfills their wishes with a short lecture

Geologic Feature Attractions


Shear Indicators

Chatter Marks


Offset Quartz Veins

Camping at Cheaha State Park

Students enjoy a stimulating conversation about the day's events, a beverage and a warm fire

Odem Scout Trail


Students examine outcrop looking for bedding and foliation

Dr. Lorenzo explains how plumose structures are formed

Students examine outcrop from a different angle

The student seem a bit disoriented

Elkahatchee Creek



Students make observations

Dike crosscutting xenolith
Finally we head back to LSU

On the way home, Dr. Lorenzo steals the TA's drink and suddenly transforms into the mighty man we know today.