Structural Geology Field Trip to Clark Creek 

Natural Area near Fort Adams-Pond, Mississippi. Saturday February 24, 1996 

Department of Geology and GeophysicsLouisiana State University (A short video is also available.  For more information, please contact


Dr. J. M. Lorenzo, LSU, Baton Rouge. (10 students & 2 Teaching assistants) 


Group Photo at Pond General Store (1881) historic landmark. From Left to Right: 

Joe Cretinni, Tony Barros, Eric Zimmermann, Jim Troutman, Charlotte Taylor, Joey Wyble, Brandt Temple (Teaching Assistant), Jonathan Franzosa and Kush Tandon (Teaching Assistant) 


Fossil Land snails of the Peoria Loess (c. 10-25 ka) 


Cross-bedded sands of the Pliocene Citronelle Formation (dip to left) 

LSU student Charlotte Taylor 


Regional Jointing. Travertine-capped waterfall intersected by two joint sets. Miocene Fleming Group. 

Measuring joint surfaces. LSU students, Bruce Samuel, Gian Constantine and Christian Clark 


Paleosols of Miocene Fleming Group 


Exposed travertine columns 

LSU students, left-to-right: Jonathan Franzosa and Jim Troutman