Structural Geology Field Trip to Cheaha State Park, Alabama April 1-4, 1995

From LSU:

Dr. J. M. Lorenzo, LSU, Baton Rouge. (8 students & 2 Teaching assistants)

Other participating universities

Dr. J.G. Ryan, University of South Florida, Tampa. (20 students)

Drs. G. Draper, M. Grosse, Florida International University, G. Gutierrez-Alonso, Miami (10 students)

8.15 a.m. Morning briefing on Appalachian Geology:

Instructors standing left-to-right: Grenville Draper, Mike Grosse, Jeff Ryan,Gabriel Gutierrez and Juan Lorenzo (photographing) LSU, USF and FIU students in background.

Setting up primitive camp

LSU students, left-to-right: Ben Nezianja and Jason Hartness

Ductile deformation- Lay Dam

Tectonized diamictite. Photo is 5 cm across

Brittle deformation- Lower Odem Scout Trail, Pyriton

Measuring joint surfaces. LSU students, left-to-right: Jason Hartness, Brent Pooler, Nathan Parrish and Lisa Williams

Quartzite ridge.

LSU student: Damien Morris

Regional view from camp looking west

LSU students, left-to-right: David Pyne and Nathan Parrish