Q1. What is derivative of the following function of x, with respect to the variable x:

                                     y = cos(2x)


Q2.   Answer the following question:

        cos(theta) * cos(theta) + sin(theta) * sin(theta) = X

What is X?


Q3. Rate your proficiency in the use of the following computer tools:





bash (or equivalent such as sh, csh or ksh etc.) ,

C, C++




Q4.  Write the equation for kinetic energy?


Q5. Are you willing to learn a Excel or Matlab (or something equivalent) outside of class to do some of your  homeworks?


Q6. Are you willing to spend an average of 5-8 hours per week (minimum) outside normal class and lab times to complete your

homeworks and exercises?


Q. 7  What is the primary rock type in the earth's crust?


Q. 8  What is the difference between a wavelength and the period of a wave?


Q. 9 How do you want this course to fit in your career goals?


Q. 10 Do you have a personal laptop you can bring to laboratory sessions?


Q. 11 Which programming/script languages do you know already