Physical Geology 

Geology 1001  Section 6

Spring 2006

Dr. Juan M. Lorenzo
Department of Geology and Geophysics

Lecture times Tuesdays and Thursdays 1.30 p.m. -3.00 p.m. Room E137, New Howe-Russell Building
Office hours

Room 215 (Old Howe-Russell Building) Tuesdays and Thursdays after class.

For appointments and all correspondence



Subject:  1001

T.A. Office hours

Ricardo Zapata,("Older" Howe-Russell Building) room 417E time 12.00-1.00 p.m.; For appointments


Subject: 1001



Required lecture textbook:

Understanding the Earth

 by Press, Siever, Grotzinger and Jordan  4th edition

Notes: The following schedule of classes and their content is modeled on last year's (2005) Physical Geology Syllabus and subject to slight changes.  Dates and times for exams, review sessions and quizzes are not generally subject to change.






Tue 17 Introduction to the Course  Syllabus handout--Geology minor
Thu 19

Ch. 1 Example Quiz 1

Tue 24 Weight on Mars and volcanoes on Mars

Topography of Mars (NASA) and Venus (link-2) and Moon (link-2)

Ch. 2


Thu 26   Ch. 2 Quiz 2
Tue 31 Marianas Trench Ch. 2,3



Thu 2 Which is the best tombstone for you? In south Louisiana. In Massachusetts?  Ch. 3 Quiz 3
Tue 7 Periodic table of elements Ch. 3
Thu 9

Name this martian rock

Not all "granite" counter-tops are made of granite

 Ch. 4, Quiz 4
Tue 14  Volcanic eruption of Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia almost takes life of former LSU professor  Class notes for Ch. 5

Concepts for Chs. 5 & 6

Thu 16   Class notes for Ch. 6
Tue 21 Partial Review for Mid-term I exam Quiz for Chs. 5 and 6
Thu 23

 Mid-term exam I

Exam Questions
Tue 28 Mardi Gras Holiday  

*Mardi Gras Holiday: February 27-March 1  (M-W)



Thu 2 Main Concepts for Chapter 7


Ch. 7
Tue 7  Review of Mid-term exam I  
Thu 9 Main Concepts for Chapter 8 Ch. 8 Notes No quiz
Tue 14 Main Concepts for Chapter 9


Ch. 9

Thu 16  Main Concepts for Chapter 10


Ch. 10 Quiz

Tue 21  Evidence for water on mars    Just the picture Ch. 10
Thu 23

Main Concepts for Chapter 11

Notes   Baton Rouge Fault Image


Ch 11

Tue 28

Main concepts for Chapter 11


NewfoundLand Grand Banks Earthquake

 Ch. 11
Thu 30

Review for Mid-term exam II

  E137, Quiz 6

S.Nelson's (Tulane U.) Field Trip Notes and Pictures of New Orleans after Katrina


Tue 4 Mid-term exam II Figures for exam

Exam Questions

Thu 6

Main concepts for Chapter 12

Notes for Chapter 12

 Ch. 12
Tue 11  *Spring Break  
Thu 13

 *Spring Break

Tue 18 Main concepts for  Chapter 13

Notes for Chapter 13

Ch. 13
Thu 20 Main concepts for Chapter 13

Notes for Chapter 13

Chs. 13, 14, Quiz 7
Tue 25 Main concepts Chapter 17   Notes for Chapter 17 Ch. 17
Thu 27

Main concepts for Chapter 14

Notes for Chapter 14

Quiz 8

Ch. 14

*Spring break: April 10-16  (M-Sun)


Tue 2

"M10.5" Megaquake-- Fact or Fiction?? Tsunami visualization

Main concepts for Chapter 19

Notes for Chapter 19

Ch. 19
Thu 4 Review for final exam Quiz 9,  Chapters. 1-14, 17 & 19
Mon 8 Final Exam 5.30-7.30 p.m. E137 Howe-Russell Building.

Course Grades: Final letter grades are calculated nominally using the results of two (2) midterm exams plus one final exam.  A (90-100%) , B (80-89.5%), C (60-79.5%) D (50-59.5%), F (less than 49.5%). 

Quizzes: Every Thursday, via "Blackboard", there will be online quizzes available for 5% extra credit to the final, non-curved, grade.  Ten percent or more of these same questions will be used for midterm and final exams.  These quizzes will be available for completion online the day of class before class times. An online password will be needed for using "Blackboard." This password will be given out each Tuesday before the quiz.  I will not normally supply this password via e-mail.  Thursday class periods will be used to review the answers to the quizzes.

Exams: There will be two mid-term exams and one final exam.  The best of the two mid-term exam grades contributes to 40% of final grade.  The final exam is worth 60% of final grade.  There are no makeup exams or projects.  If you choose or happen to miss both mid-term exams, only the final exam will determine the final grade.  Mid-term exams test cumulative course material covered with special emphasis on new content.  Please bring you own "scantron" sheets (LARGE!), pencils and erasers to each exam.  Final exam questions cover ALL course materials with emphasis on unexamined sections.  All grades are "curved."  An example nominal average grade per exam  may be about 60%.  All exams consist of multiple choice or True/False questions.