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Geology 3041 - Fall 2009

Instructor: Dr. Darrell Henry

Office: 217 Howe-Russell
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  TA: Richard Feng

Office: E340A Howe-Russell
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TA: Lindsey Johnson

Office: E335  Howe-Russell
ffice hours: TBA

Textbook: Winter, J. D. (2010) An introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology - second edition

[last update: August 23, 2009]



 Part I: Igneous Petrology


Lecture topic

Chapter reading

Lab topic and other course resources

Aug 24

Introduction to the course


Lab 1 (and Aug 26) - Petrography I (Theory and applications)

Introduction to the BASC CxC lab

Aug 26

Fundamental concepts in igneous petrology


Useful web sites related to volcanism

Aug 31

Igneous structures and field relations

Lab 2 (and Sept 2) - Petrography II (Theory, applications and petrographic data collection)

petrography template

Sept 2

Igneous structures and field relations

Igneous classifications


Library resources:


Sept 7


Labor Day Holiday



no lab

Sept 9

Igneous textures lecture


Student volcano presentations

Sept 14

The phase rule in simple and complex systems

Useful  phase diagram demos
Powerpoint demonstrations on use of phase diagrams
(written by Ken Windom, Iowa State Univ.)

Ab-An system, An-Di system, Fo-silica system, and An-Di-Fo system



Student volcano presentations

Sept 16

The phase rule in simple and complex systems


no official lab (examine hand sample reference collection)

Useful LSU writing and technical resources

Sept 21

Chemical petrology

8, 9

Lab 3 -- Igneous classification and textures and petrographic data acquisition (and Sept 23)

Introduction to the Pet Rock Project a semester-long project of petrologic research

Guidelines and scoring of the Pet Rock Project

Sept 23

Generation of basaltic magmas


Sept 28

Diversification of magmas

Lab 4 - Plutonic suite - group lab (and Sept 30)

Sept 30

Layered mafic intrusives


Oct 5

Mid-ocean ridge volcanism

Ocean intraplate volcanism


Lab 5 - Igneous project  (individual)
Taos Plateau project
(and Oct 7)
Taos Plateau views

Oct 7

Subduction-related activity: island arcs

Subduction-related activity: continental arcs

13, 14


Oct 12

Continental flood basalt


Lab 5 - Igneous project  (individual)
Taos Plateau project
(and Oct 14)
Taos Plateau views

Oct 14

Granitoid rocks


Oct 19
GSA meeting - Portland (no lecture)
Lab 5- Igneous project  (individual)
Taos Plateau project
(and Oct 21)
Taos Plateau views
Oct 21

Lecture Exam (Igneous Petrology)


  Part 2. Metamorphic Petrology


Lecture topic

Chapter reading

Lab topic

Oct 26
Introduction to metamorphism


Lab 7 - Metamorphic mafic rock suite labs - group lab (and Oct 29)

Oct 28



Nov 2

Metamorphic texture


Lab 7 - Metamorphic mafic rock suite labs - group lab (and Nov 5)

Nov 4

Stable mineral assemblages in metamorphic rocks


Nov 9

Metamorphic facies and metamafic rocks


Lab 7 - Metamorphic mafic rock suite labs - group lab and pet rock (and Nov 12)

Nov 11

Metamorphic reactions


Nov 16

Thermodynamics of metamorphic reactions


Lab 8 - Metamorphic metapelite rock suite labs - group lab and pet rock (and Nov 19)

Nov 18

Thermodynamics of metamorphic reactions and geothermobarometry


Resources for understanding metamorphic topics:

The Phase Rule in metamorphism
P-T-t paths
Deriving metamorphic reactions

Nov 23

Metamorphism of pelitic sediments



Lab 8 - Metamorphic metapelite rock suite labs - group lab and pet rock (and Nov 26)

Nov 25

Metamorphism of pelitic sediments


Resources for understanding the theory and application of various instuments that might be used for the pet rock project:

Scanning electron microscopy
Backscattered electron imaging
Optical cathodoluminescence (CL)
Scanning electron microscope - CL
Electron Microprobe analysis
Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry

Nov 31

Metamorphism of pelitic sediments

presentation preparation and completion of pet rock project

Dec 2

Metamorphism of calcareous and ultramafic rocks



presentation preparation and completion of pet rock project

Dec 4

2009 Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology Symposium - all day
Room E208 Howe-Russell


Dec 8

Exam for metamorphic section (5:30-7:30 pm in Room E207)


Grading procedures

  1. The grades will be based on performance on a combination of lab and homework exercises, the two lecture exams, public presentations and written project reports.
  2. Part of the grade of the individual will involve critiques of presentations of your peers. Evaluation forms will be provided and a summary of the results returned to the student presenter.
  3. For the Pet Rock Project there will be an opportunity to revise the presentation and written report prior to the final submissions. This is an important part of that aspect of the process of learning to commucate effectively.
  4. For group projects a grade will be given to the group; i.e. all members of that group will receive the same score for that project.
  5. The breakdown of weighting of scores are:
    • Igneous lecture exam - 20%
    • Metamorphic (igneous) lecture exam - 20%
    • Igneous Project Report - 10%
    • Pet Rock Presentation and Report - 20%
    • Volcano presentations - 5%
    • Group lab reports and individual homework - 25%

Policy for late assignments: For each weekday (exclusive of vacation days) in which an assignment is late, 5% will be subtracted from the total score possible on the assignment. For example, if an assignment is two days late and the student received an 80% on the assignment, the score adjusted for late penalty will be 72% (i.e. 90% possible * 0.8).

Geology 3041 has been certified as a communication-intensive course at LSU with emphasis on writing and oral presentation. For more information on the LSU Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) initiative and the opportunity to attain a Distinguished Communicator distinction, refer to the CxC website.


Overarching Learning Objectives for Geology 3041:

A student should be able to define, interpret, apply and analyze information and concepts related to the following topics:

  • identification and classification of igneous and metamorphic rocks in hand sample and thin section
  • textural evolution and its relation to formation history of igneous and metamorphic rocks
  • geochemical evidence for sources and evolution of igneous and metamorphic rocks
  • development of igneous and metamorphic rocks under a variety of tectonic environments

In addition, because this is a communications-intensive course, a student should be able to:

  • effectively communicate petrologic concepts and research in both oral and written forms

Darrell Henry
is the Campanile Charities Professor of Geology and Geophysics at Louisiana State University whose research specialty is metamorphic petrology. Further details of his professional background are included in an accompanying vita or faculty profile.

To contact Darrell Henry call (225)-578-2693, fax (225)-578-2302 or e-mail . Address: Department of Geology and Geophysics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803.

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