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Geology 1001 (Section 3) - Physical Geology
Room E137 Howe-Russell Building

Spring 2009
MWF 11:40-12:30

 Last updated:February 19, 2009

Instructor: Professor Darrell Henry TA: Stephanie Welch
Office: Room 217, Howe-Russell Building (Old Building) Office: Room 226, Howe-Russell Building (Old Buildign)
Telephone number: 578-2693 Telephone number: 578-3353 (departmental office)
e-mail: glhenr@lsu.edu e-mail: swelch3@lsu.edu
home page: http://www.geol.lsu.edu/henry  
Office hours: 1:00-2:00 pm M W or by appointment Office hours:  9-11 am W


Text: Understanding Earth (fifth edition) (2007), Grotzinger, Jordan, Press, and Siever

There will be 3 hour exams and a final exam. Exam questions may be multiple choice, matching and true/false. Make-up exams are discouraged but those that are necessary will be essay exams. These make-up exams must be completed within two weeks of the original exam date. The final exam will be comprehensive. There will be several unannounced assignments that will be distributed in class that will serve as extra credit.


Grades: The exams will be weighted as follows: Exams 1-3 constitute 60% of the score for the course. The Final Exam will constitute 40% of the score. Up to 5% bonus points can be earned by completing the unannounced assignments that will be given out in class. Letter grades will be assigned from the final numerical score based on the performance relative to the rest of the class (i.e. I curve!).

Overarching Learning Outcomes:

A student should be able to define, interpret, apply and analyze information and concepts related to the following topics:

  • Earth as a complex system
  • Earth Materials - minerals and rocks
  • Geologic time and the evolution of the planet over 4.6 billion years
  • Plate tectonics as a unifying theory of the Earth
  • Structure of the Earth
  • Processes associated of the interior of the Earth
  • Processes influencing the surface of the Earth
  • Geologic hazards and their impact on humans
  • Earth's natural resources and stewardship of the Earth

Directions to the class home page: Go to Dr. Henry's home page ( http://www.geol.lsu.edu/henry ) and click on the Physical Geology button (on left). Links to abbreviated versions of the overheads, and other useful links will be changing constantly.

The syllabus is dynamic and will change quite frequently. Keep up with the changes!!!

Tentative Lecture and Exam Schedule

All scores are in - with the grades (5-8-09)

Date Topic (with links to outlines of lecture material) Reading from the text (pages in bolded numbers) and useful web links


12 Introduction
Explore the current happenings on the Earth with EarthWeek - A Diary of a Planet  and Discovery's Discovery News.
14 Planet Earth 1-17, learn more about planetary exploration, summary of the planets and moons. Current hypothesis for the origin of the Moon. The early evolution of the earth from zircon sand grains.
16 Plate Tectonics I 19-43; models for plate movements (Ron Blakey, Northern Arizona Univ.; Chris Scotese PALEOMAP Project)
Martin Luther King Holiday
21 Plate Tectonics II 19-43
23 Minerals I 45-75;Minerals (Amethyst Galleries; WebMineral; Mindat)
26 Minerals II 45-75
28 Rocks/Rock Cycle 45-75; interactive animation of rock cycle
30 Igneous Rocks I 77-99, learn more about basalts (Wikipedia), granites (Wikipedia; Rob's granite page), petrology of igneous rocks (Lynn Fichter, James Madison Univ.)



Igneous Rocks II

77-99, learn more about basalts (Wikipedia), granites (Wikipedia; Rob's granite page), petrology of igneous rocks (Lynn Fichter, James Madison Univ.)
4 Sediments 101-129, Learn more about bedforms of sediments,
6 Sedimentary Rocks 101-129, Learn more about the petrology of sedimentary rocks, take a trip to Jurassic Reef Park
9 Metamorphic Rocks I 131-149, See beautiful photomicrographs of metamorphic rocks,
11 Metamorphic Rocks II 131-149
13 EXAM 1 example of previous exam 1 by Dr. Henry
16 Deformation of rocks 151-167
18 Geologic Time I 169-187, See a record of geologic time in the Grand Canyon, view the family tree of life
20 Geologic Time II 169-187
Mardi Gras Holiday
Mardi Gras Holiday
27 Evolution of Continents 215-239


2 Volcanoes I 271-295, Check out the world of active volcanoes, See image of types of volcanic cones, Check out the webcam at the Old Faithful geyser
4 Volcanoes II 271-295
6 Volcanoes III 271-295
9 EXAM 2 example of previous exam 2 by Dr. Henry
11 Earthquakes I 297-323, See where deformation is really important - the California fault map
13 Earthquakes II 297-323
16 Earth's Interior I 325-345
18 Earth's Interior II 325-345
20 Weathering 371-399, Learn more about acid rain and soils
23 Mass wasting 371-399, Get some of the recent information on landslides
25 Hydrologic Cycle 401-425
27 Groundwater I 401-425; World conflict associated with Water Wars
30 Groundwater II 401-425


1 EXAM 3 example of previous exam 3 by Dr. Henry
3 Streams I 427-451; Get the latest flood information
Spring Break Holiday
Spring Break Holiday
Spring Break Holiday
13 Streams II 427-451
15 Wind/Deserts 453-471, View some of the impacts of the Dust Bowl years
17 Wind/Deserts 453-471
20 Coast I 473-503
22 Coast II 473-503
24 Glaciers I 504-524
27 Glaciers II 504-524

Human Impact on Earth II



1 Human Impact on Earth II


7 (Th) FINAL EXAM (5:30-7:30 pm) in Room E137 (good luck)  A previous year's final exam from Dr. Henry

Darrell Henry
is the Campanile Charities Professor of Geology and Geophysics at Louisiana State University whose research specialty is metamorphic petrology. Further details of his professional background are included in an accompanying vita or faculty profile.

To contact Darrell Henry call (225)-578-2693, fax (225)-578-2302 or e-mail dhenry@geol.lsu.edu . Address: Department of Geology and Geophysics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA 70803.

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