Geol. 2081:Mineralogy
      Sept 27, 2003                                            Important Concepts covered in Mineralogy; Test 1
Topic/Lecture Key Concepts Lab Key concepts

Intro Mineralogy 1. Importance of Mineralogy to Man
2. Impt of Mineralogy to Earth Science
3. Impt founders of mineralogy, crystallography
4. Definition of a mineral
Whats in a name 1. Classifn is difficult
       - visual methods usually insufficient
2. External/internal  Symmetry best


1. 4 symmetry elements 
2. 4 symm. operations
3. How they are combined
4. make 32 Crystal Classes
2d symmetry
3d symmetry
1. How to determine symmetry of object
2. How to describe via symmetry notation
3. Use for mineral classification 

1. Crystallographic axes
2. cf.  compare rotation axes
3. 6 xl Systems, axes, angles
     relationship to rotational axes
3d symm
1. How to determine 3d symmetry
2. How to write a HM symbol that
     describes   this symmetry
3. How to read an HM symbol

1. Internal order - periodic,
2. Adding translation, what is translation
3. New sym. elements created:
     screw axes, glide planes
4. Definition/description of a Unit cell
    properties of a unit cell
Space groups 1. How to determine translation in 1D, 2D
2. How to find unit cell, outline
3. Space Group notation, relationship to
HM;  convert to HM

xl coordn 1. Coordn Numbers; polyhedra names and numbers
2. Radius Ratios and CN (what numbers lead to
 what coordinaton)
3. Pauling's rules
    - esp. sharing of elements
 Coorn Number 1. How to determine type of polyhedra,  CN
2.  How to determine bond strength

bonding 1. Bond types and Characteristics
2. Relationship to mineral properties
Bonding 1. How to determine bond type
2. How to determine % ionic character
3. Bond strength

1. Representation of structures
2. Isostructural minerals/groups
HM 1. Non-symmetric classes
2. HM notation

color 1. why do we see color?
2. mechanisms to produce color in minerals
3. what is a chromophore?
4. when can we use color as a tool for mineral ID
visible light
how to determine mineral color from
absorption spectra