Review Questions for Lecture 3:  Bonding in Minerals

How does covalent bonding differ from ionic bonding? from van der Waals bonding?

2. What element is necessary for a mineral to possess hydrogen bonding?

3. How do you determine if a bond between two elements is covalent or ionic?

4. Why do minerals with a metallic bond conduct electricity?

5. How are the types of bonds that a mineral possess manifest in their physical properties?

6. If mineral A has van der Waals bonds, and mineral B has ionic bonding, which mineral is likely to have the highest hardness?

7. If mineral A streak's paper and mineral B cuts class, which has the strongest bond?

8. Are longer bonds weaker or stronger than shorter bonds (between the same two elements).

9. If a mineral has three different elements, how many possible bond types can it have?