Review Questions for Lecture 2
(Physical Properties of Minerals)

1. How are physical properties used to distinguish various minerals?

2. What is Moh's scale of hardness and what common items can be used to help identify H in minerals?

3. What is a mineral's streak? How do you determine the streak of a mineral?
4.  What is cleavage? What criteria are used to describe cleavage? How do you determine cleavage?
5. What does the specific gravity of a mineral relate to?

6. What is the difference between 'luster' and 'color'?

7. What is the habit of a mineral? List several 'habits': of isolated crystals, of clusters.

8. What is the difference between 'euhedral' and 'anhedral'?

9. How does 'fracture' differ from 'cleavage'?