Geology 7043: Advanced Metamorphic Petrology
Fall, 2003

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Instructors: Dr.  Barb Dutrow,
                    Room 203, Howe-Russell Building  (Old Geology)
                    Office hours: By appointment
                    Home Page:

Instructors: Dr.  Darrell Henry
                    Room 219, Howe-Russell Building  (Old Geology)
                    Office hours: By appointment
                    Home Page:

         Metamorphic Phase Equilibria & Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths
(1993),  Frank S. Spear
                    (Chapters in Syllabus refer to this book unless otherwise noted)

                  Readings from the literature.

                   Reading assignments  in ( ) should be completed prior to class

Recommended Readings/Reference Texts:
                    Contact Metamorphism, Reviews in Mineralogy, Vol. 26, MSA
                     An Introduction to Metamorphic Petrology, Bruce Yardley, 1989, Longman
                     Applied MInerlaogical Thermodynamics, N.D. Chatterjee, 1991, Springer-Verlag
                     Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks, Bucher and Frey, 1994, Springer-Verlag
                     Metamorphic Textures, Spry, 1976, Pergamon
  Grades: Grades will be based on a combination of lecture tests, laboratory assignments, homework and quizzes.

Tentative Syllabus

August 27
Introduction to Metamorphism and Metamorphic Facies
Chapt 1,2
(review undergrad Meta)

Sept. 3
Metamorphic Minerals: XL Chemistry; Exchange Vectors
Compositional Space, Graphical/Algebraic Analyses, Projections
Chpt. 4,5
(review Mineralogy)

Sept. 10
Phase Equilibria 1
Chpt. 6
Homework 1: Stoichiometry
Sept. 17
     Phase Equilibria 2
Chpt. 8,
modeling programs, PTX
Homework 2: PT calcs.
Sept. 24
     Activity Models
Chpt 7; Chpt. 15,
 various modeling programs
Oct. 2.
 Geothermo-barometry continued.
Homework; readings
Oct. 8
      P-T-X Relations
Chpt. 16

Metamorphic Rocks

Oct. 15
Chpt. 10
Lab: Maine metapelites, Alps
Oct. 22
Chpt. 9
Oct. 29
Chpt. 11
Lab: Catalina Island
Nov.  5
GSA Meeting: Lab Assignments
Lab: Metapelites continued
Nov. 12
Chpt. 11; Catalina Island, Alps
Nov. 19
Metacarbonates/Si-Co3's, P-XCO3's
Chpt. 12,
 Lab: Mojave, misc.
Nov. 26
Ultramafics, oxides/sulfides,
introduction to mineral zoning
Chpt. 14
Chpt. 17; 583-593 (skim rest)

Dec. 3
 P-T-t paths and Tectonic Environment, heat and fluid flow
Chpt. 19, chp 21
Dec. 9 (3-5pm)
Final Exam