Research Group Members


Current - The SMC Crew

Eleanor Smith, M.S. student, is determining the metamorphic conditions of the high-grade metapelitic rocks in the SMC to understand the tectonic environment using a combination of classic thermobarometry and phase equilibrium approaches.

    Elly completed her undergraduate thesis at LSU entitled Phase equilibrium modeling of metapelites form the Sawtooth Metamorphic Complex, Idaho: Implications for the middle to lower crust.

Elly standing on metaquartzites, SMC, with Thompson Peak (12,100’) behind.

Tasha Hoffmann, M.S. candidate (center), is investigating the textural formation of plagioclase halos surrounding garnets using irreversible thermodynamic and phase equilibrium modeling. This project is in collaboration with Tom Foster, Univ. Iowa.

Ashley Thrower, B.S., (right) completed an undergraduate project on trace elements of the metacarbonates in the SMC.

Elly, Tasha, Ashley above Sawtooth Lake, 10,000’. After a long hike in to collect samples, storms arrived to quicken the 6 mile trek back.

The SMC Crew at the 2015 Rock Star Poster Contest

Barb, Elly, Megan, Ashley, Tasha. Shelby & Tessa missing.

Megan Borel, B.S. student, is using whole rock and trace element contents to decipher the petrogenesis of the Sawtooth granites for her undergraduate thesis. Few studies on the ST granites exist, a Challis-age equivalent. Tertiary granites are associated with giant magma hydrothermal systems as well as mineralization. Collaborators are David Foster and Paul Mueller, Univ. Florida.

Megan in Zion National Park, USA.

Shelby Richardson, B.S. student (left), is determining the metamorphic evolution of the SMC garnet- amphibole gneisses for her undergraduate thesis. Her ug research is funded by the Louisiana Board of Regents - supervised undergraduate research education - SURE program.

Shelby, Tessa (below), Megan, Barb, Tasha, Elly, 2015 Rock Star Poster Contest.

Tessa Hermes, M.S. 2015 (2nd from left, above) completed her M.S. thesis entitled: Potential for Geothermal Energy in Northern Louisiana: Analysis of the Subsurface Environment in Union and Morehouse Parishes. Thiw work was funded by a Louisiiana Board of Regents Grant.

Current - Other Projects

Former Group Members

Nick Guiffre, M.S. student, is using mineral chemistry and geochronology to determine provenance of volcanic clasts from the San Luis Volcanic Field as a guide to the tectonic and landscape evolution of the region. His study is part of a large USGS project on Cenozoic Landscape Evolution of the Southern Rocky Mountains. Collaborators are Ren Thompson and Kensie Turner, USGS and Darrell Henry, LSU.

Nick in Colorado.

Isis Fukai, M.S. 2013. Metamorphic and Geochemical Signatures of Calc-Silicate Gneisses from The Sawtooth Metamorphic Complex, Idaho, USA: Implications for Crustal Evolution in Western North America

Now at Battelle conducting research on carbon storage and capture.

Philip Bergeron, M.S. 2012. U-Pb Geochronology of Detrital Zircon in Quartzites of the Sawtooth Metamorphic Complex, Sawtooth Range, Idaho, USA. Now at Marathon Oil Company, Houston.

Kyle Metz, M.S. 2010. Metamorphic Rocks in the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho, USA: A Window into the Precambrian Basement of Southwest Laurentia Now at Marathon Oil Company, Houston.

Suraj Bajgain, Ph.D., 2011 - present; (Geology, Computer Science)

Watheq Al Mudhafar, Ph.D., 2013 - present (Petroleum Engineering; Geology Minor)

Milad Ahmadi, Ph.D., 2013 - present; (Petroleum Engineering; Geology Minor) 

Mohamed N. Al Riyami, Ph.D. 2012 - present (Petroleum Engineering; Geology Minor)

Esmail Ansari, Ph.D., 2011 - present (Petroleum Engineering; Geology Minor)

Mausoud Safari-Zanjani, Ph.D., 2011 - present (PE, Geology)

Minor Advisor

Corine Armstrong, M.S. 2009. Provenance Studies of Volcanic Clasts from the Santa Fe Group, San Luis Basin, Colorado: A Guide to Tectonic Evolution Now at Chevron, Houston.

Jennifer Whittington, M.S. 2006. Pseudomorphs as Indicators of Fluid Flow in Metapelites. Now at Encana Gas Company.

Connie Christensen, M.S. 1997. Contact Metamorphism in subsurface Louisiana. Now at Chico State College, CA.

Austin Bennett, M.S. candidate. Pressure-temperature conditions of metapelites in the Sawtooth Mountains, Idaho, USA

Richard Varuso, Ph.D., 2010 (co-advisor, Civil & Env. Eng) .