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Geophysics and Tectonics

Global earth science problems are as diverse as the techniques we use to tackle them.  Geophysics and Tectonic studies combine field-based data acquisition and simplification of earth processes through understanding physical principles, and comprehensive mathematical and experimental methods.


Active Research Programs

  • Tectonism of Archean greenstone belts
  • Effects of large meteorite impacts
  • Temporal and kinematic evolution of orogenic belts
  • Tectonometamorphism of high grade metamorphic terranes
Climate Change and Quantitative Geomorphology
  • Global climate patterns: Multichannel seismic images of Antarctica
  • Sediment and climate interaction --Gulf Coast Offshore Sequence Stratigraphy from single-channel seismic images
  • Quaternary paleoclimate studies from geophysical characterization of sedimentary sequences
  • Quantitative geomorphological modeling of uplift/erosion in a variety of geological settings

Embarking at Antarctic field location (Bart)

Sediments, Fluids and Faults
  • Fault networks in aquifers from 3D seismic images and ground penetrating radar
  • Overpressuring in sediments from 3D seismic attributes
  • Tectonic evolution of rift basins
  • Gravity, flexure, and rheology of the lithosphere
  • Heat flow and evolution of sedimentary basins
  • Fluid-flow models in fault zones: X-Ray tomographic characterization of fault zones
  • Global and regional correlation using magnetic susceptibility and biostratigraphic data sets


Techniques and Analytical Facilities

Industry - Education Programs
  • 2D and 3D Seismic Visualization, Seismic Modeling and Analysis (Landmark Graphics, and Seismic Microtechnology)
  • 2D and 3D seismic processing (OmegaSPS and ProMAX)
  • Subsurface Industry-Sponsored Laboratory with 2D and 3D geophysical data sets
  • Velocity Modeling System (Kahlstrom and Associates)

Field and LaboratoryEquipment

  • Rock Magnetism Laboratory, NSF Computation and Visualization Laboratory
  • Lacoste-Romberg type "G" and Worden gravimeters
  • Differential GPS and 5 digital theodolites
  • RadioTelemetry 600-channel 3D seismic acquisition and 24-channel seismograph
  • Single-channel marine acquisition system
  • 4x4 and 6x6 all-terrain and amphibious field vehicles
  • Drilling truck and core refrigeration unit
  • Geophones:1-Hz borehole, 40Hz, 100 Hz vertical, 14 Hz shear
  • Downhole shotgun, I-beam-, plate-hammer, 0.22 power-hammer, accelerated weight
  • Resistivity, Ground Penetrating Radar


Field areas

  • Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Vietnam (Ellwood)
  • China (Darby)
  • East & West Antarctica, Gulf of Mexico (Bart)
  • Chile, Colombia, Australia, Gulf of Mexico (Lorenzo, Nunn)
  • South Africa (Byerly)
  • North America - Cascades (Tomkin), - Beartooth Mountains (Henry)


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