Science and meritocracy

The concept of meritocracy is a direct outcome from an understanding of Evolution. Meritocracy means:


To date it appears that democracy is the most efficient way to embed meritocracy into our cultural gamodeme. From an evolutionary viewpoint democracy can be considered the process and meritocracy the mechanism for development of the cultural gamodeme.

Ethical guidelines promoting democracy are based upon consensus seeking and argumentation [rhetoric]. These provide a good strategy for creating harmony and coexistence amongst the world populations.  However, because such guidelines rely upon cooperation, both amongst groups and individuals, within a framework imposed by Rules for Order, the method cannot work when confronted with uncompromising groups. Evolution is brutal in such situations: leading to the extinction or one or the other group.

The Achilles heel of the democratic process is that it is not clear how it can defend itself when  rhetoric fails. What happens when a cultural gamodeme fails the democratic test [i. e. the golden rule that an individual or group can live its own way of life provided it does not physically interfere with other individuals or groups]?  Militant democracy holds a  clean slate view that asserts it is acceptable to temporary abandon the democratic process to establish a democratic system. The arguments  used for applying militant democracy are not moral arguments; but are ethical ones that must be ratified by the controlling political system.  At its worse an active attempt to impose democracy can develop into totalitarianism. At its best it can allow a population to evolve with relative peace and harmony. From the viewpoint of evolution militant democracy imposes a high selection pressure.  Translated to the national level this leads to interfering inter-cultural gamodeme conflicts, such as what happened when  Great Britain declared war on Germany when that latter nation invaded Poland in 1939. In modern times the United States invasion of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein is a prime example of militant democracy at work.

Most wars are fought, not between nations, but between sub-groups within a cultural gamodeme. The fundamental evolutionary processes operating are the same as at the National level.  Tribal conflicts within Africa, religious conflict within Northern Ireland, and pre-1970 racial conflict within the United States of America all yield to an analysis using the Theory of Evolution.  In all cases the solution rests in applying the mechanism of meritocracy.

Some basic scientific truths have emerged from science about our species that directly bear upon understanding the ethics operating within the cultural gamodemes.  These must be incorporated into the fundament of society if humankind is eventually to define its own humanity. Quite important amongst these are the following.

To capture the essence of humanity, humankind must adopt ethical and moral guidelines that transcend the ethnicity factor, reject the covert tools of racism, and follow a trend that consistently applies a system of meritocracy within society.