Homo cosmos

Homo cosmos is the name applied to those members of Homo sapiens that do migrate into deep space and form a genetically isolated population. Although this might occur in a populations that inhabits the far reaches of our Solar System, it is most likely to apply to the inhabitants of Space Liners who exit our stellar system. A Space Liner will be its own isolated interbreeding population and with time, genetic drift alone will differentiate the gamodeme from Homo sapiens. Whether or not the initial community has been optimized for life in a Space Liner is immaterial from the taxonomic point of view.  Provided the Space Liner colony has sufficient knowledge and technology it is easy to envisage that they will use genetic intervention to optimize the population to the colony.  Moreover, if new, potentially inhabitable environments are found genetic alteration could play a major part in adaptation..  Depending on when Space Liner travel takes place the knowledge of how to produce chimera  already could be available to the inhabitants of the colony. Certainly, by the end of the 21st century, knowledge derived from the study of other species here on Earth could be useful to extra-solar system colonies e.g. adaptation to freezing temperatures or a methane environment.  In fact, designed adaptation to the Martian atmosphere might quickly lead to the evolution of Homo cosmos on that planet.

The  most important increase in knowledge of  humankindís evolution will probably be due to Earth-bound research: where the vast reservoir of intellect will reside. Once the details of how individual structures develop, and the mechanism of cellular development are understood, the growing of specific structures and organs, will be possible. This will  initiate the growth of alien [chimera] structures within human embryos.  Although experimentation may occur at a rapid rate once the Space Liner is underway the previously accumulated knowledge will be essential for this colonists future survival. In this regard the ability to transmit new information between Earth on the Space Liner colonies would greatly improve the chances of survival of those populations.  This could be done by sending faster probes or Space Liners at a later date or by some form of direct communication using photons.